Boathouse Lane

Award Winning Property, Boathouse Lane

This development won Darren Brooke Homes the NHBC ‘Pride in the Job 2014′ award.

Exceptional site manager Darren Brooke has staked a claim to become one of the best house-builders in the UK, having been named as a North East regional champion in NHBC’s 34th annual Pride in the Job Awards.

Darren also went on to be nominated for the Local Authority Building Excellence award for this new home at Boathouse Lane, going on to win the award outright at their prestigious awards ceremony in Leeds.

This new home has also been recognised for its individual design, and was a Finalist at the Northern Design Awards.

Award Winning Builders

Darren Brooke Homes are well known for their high specification, energy efficient new homes.

All their new builds are equipped with the latest audio, entertainment and security technology which seamlessly fits in among traditional building techniques and disciplines.

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