Builders of quality new homes around Kirklees and Calderdale.

Darren Brooke Homes is part of Mirfield Construction Ltd who have been trading since 1989 and are well known for their high specification, energy efficient new homes, where all their new builds are equipped with the latest audio, entertainment and security technology which seamlessly fits in among traditional building techniques and disciplines.

Darren Brooke Homes build houses with unrivalled attention to detail maintain a quality of home that stands out from all others. Darren Brooke Homes also consider private contracts for new builds or large extensions, and are available to help with planning and design if required.

The latest technology as standard.

When it comes to audio, entertainment and security, Darren Brooke Homes are leaders with built-in technology. Stay secure in your new home with CCTV for your security and peace of mind.

Entertain and be entertained in your new home without the wires and cables, Darren Brooke homes have

integral sound systems which allow you to access your music around your home. Built in Sonos products letting you stream music from your tablet or phone.

Hard wired internet access and WIFI access points keep you online all the time.

You will also find an unrivalled electrical specification, including smart lighting that can be controlled from your armchair on your tablet or phone.

Darren Brooke Homes also take the future into consideration, with special ducts to allow upgrade connects between wall mounted tv’s and audio video cabinets.

Air Leakage Testing

Since 2006, Building Regulations in England and Wales have required mandatory air leakage testing of new homes. They were revised further in 2010. Scottish Building Standards 2010 require mandatory testing, as does Part F 2006 in Northern Ireland.

What are the testing requirements?

The test takes place near the end of the build process, when all elements of the building envelope (air barrier) are completed and sealed. The air permeability rating is a measure of the amount of uncontrolled air leakage divided by the envelope area of the dwelling.

Consistently Outstanding Results

To pass an air leakage test, a dwelling must achieve an air permeability result of 10 m3/(h.m2) (a minimum requirement in England and Wales; a recommended ‘back stop’ in Scotland).

Darren Brooke Homes consistently exceeds the pass rate by achieving an average of 2.5 m3/(h.m2).

For more information on NHBC guidelines on air leakage, download the information sheet »

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